Oil For Demonic Problems

Olive oil is one of the most precious gifts God has given us
          when anointed with the Holy spirit. 

(Mark 6:13 )  They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil.

(Hebrews 1:9) You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil ​

Many health problems can be demonic in nature and can be cured simply and effectively with anointed oil. Daily, take a few tablespoons of anointed oil, and if you have external problems, apply it liberally to the skin in that area. 

  How to make anointed oil
You don’t need a priest or anything special, just prayer. Simply take a bottle of olive oil and pray over it. “Father, thank you for this oil, please bless it, sanctify it and set it apart in Yahusha’s name. If there are any curses on it we break them by the blood of the Messiah.”    It is now ready for use.

Have you ever considered anointing your home?
How to Anoint Your Home with Oil
 Small cup or bowl.
 Olive Oil (Exodus 30:24-25, Psalm 23:5, James 5:14)
Remove and destroy all objects of false worship
Remove objects left by previous owners
Rid your home of any sin you might have brought in (pornography, etc.)
Confess your sins before Yah, ask Him to create in you a pure heart (Psalm 50:10)
 Find and prepare any Bible verses that are specific to your situation.
 Pour a little olive oil into a bowl or cup
Dip fingers lightly
 Pray aloud in every room as you anoint the room… pay special attention to problem areas. 

 Anoint the thresholds of the doorway and windows (Exodus 12:7).
 Submit to God and resist the devil, aloud, in your prayers as told in James 4:7 (Example: Father God,
we surrender our lives to You, help our will become Yours. We resist the devil, Father, and in Your name he must flee.)

 Rebuke the power of darkness as we see Yahusha did in Matthew 4:10, Luke 4:1-13, & Luke 10:19
(Example: Satan, you are not wanted here. Get out in the name of Yahusha Ha Mashiach. It is in His name that I
command you and all of your demons to leave our property right now.)
 Ask to be covered in the blood of Yahusha as referenced in Revelation 12:11 and Acts 20:28
(Example: Oh Yah, we need You! Thank You for purchasing me with the blood of Your Son.
Cover this room in the blood of the Lamb.)
Final Prayer:
Heavenly Father,
I acknowledge that You are the Lord of heaven and Earth. In Your sovereign power and love, You have entrusted me with many things. Thank You for this place to live. I claim my home as a place of spiritual safety for me and my family and ask for Your protection from all the attacks of the enemy. As a child of God, raised up and seated with Mashiach in the heavenly places, I command every evil spirit claiming ground in this place, based on the activities of past or present occupants, including me and my family, to leave and never return. I renounce all demonic assignments directed against this place. I ask You, Heavenly Father, to post Your holy angels around this place to guard it from any and all attempts of the enemy to enter and disturb Your purposes for me and my family.
​ I thank You. 

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