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Our Ministry is a non-profit organization dedicated to building up the Body of Yahshua. It is our call from Yahshua the Messiah to be a tool for Yah’s use in bringing his people into the Rest of Yah. Since the start of this website, I have received many dreams, visions and messages, and with the unique gift of video production and editing film we are able to bring these messages to the world through video.

It is our goal to get the message out to all people and to change lives. How do we do it? With video! Video production and Editing is very expensive and time consuming. Our Ministry has been very effective using this method to gain the attention of thousands of people, and their response has been incredible! Help us to continue to open the eyes of the blind by being a blessing to our ministry.

We also produce high quality HD documentaries that brings the truth and expose the lies that have been presented to us over the years. Under the guidance of the Set apart Ruach (Holy Spirit) we plan to produce awesome documentaries that will help change lives. We took 3 years to produce “Whited Out: Erased From History,” Documentary, and the response has been awesome! Your donations will help support our efforts in continuing to bring the truth  faster. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to send a donation please use this address and make payable to VIRTUE, INC.

Virtue Inc
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