This opportunity to share my testimony is priceless! I have known Watchman and Deborah for over 20 years. We have shared both joys and struggles, tests and victories. We’ve even shared home-cooked meals together. I remember when my late-husband and I made that long trip from Canada ?? to visit Watchman and Deborah. That was a time to remember. We spent a whole month breaking the bread of Scripture and sharing stories of Yah’s goodness. I want to state that what you see in the ministry of Deborah and Watchman is real. Very real! They have had a heart for reaching the souls of men and women without wavering or apology. Faithfully and tirelessly they work with their hands to provide natural and spiritual food for their household and for strangers who seek the Truth of Yah. I remember being so sick I thought I wouldn’t make it. I reached out to my sister Deborah and she prayed for me. That sickness drifted away immediately! I will never forget that day. Since my husband has passed, the ministry of both Watchman and Deborah has held me up spiritually like a guiding light in a dark unpredictable world. With no children of my own, I count myself favored to be an integral part of this ministry and family. There is a way that seems right and is not. This ministry boldly teaches the right way to go in the face of a wrong world. You can trust this ministry to take you higher in righteousness. I know I can. Shalom family?
— ZimraYah Yisra’el aka Melodie


Melodie D. McEwan Wilson, Ph.D.
Educational Leadership and Policy
University of Toronto Dept of Leadership, Adult & Higher Education