Trisha L King

Hi, a little about me: My name is Trisha L King. I live in NJ. My profession is in Human Resources but I also write what I used to term ‘Christian Poetry’. In my sleep state I wrote 2 books trying to inspire ‘African-Americans’ to believe in and trust in God as I knew Him from my Christian faith. But, the Most High awakened me last year and changed everything. All praises to the Most High. I left Christianity and hungrily sought out ministries on YouTube that would feed my soul. Your ministry did that. Almost every Shabbat, I am watching your live broadcasts or your premieres. Your ministry has also helped me to share what I am learning with one of my sisters. She now tunes in also on Shabbat. Yahuah has changed my life drastically in the past year. I have a testimony that can rattle even the most solid-faith of believers. After I learned the Truth, Yahuah moved me away from Christianity almost immediately. As background to my testimony: In the late 70’s and early 80’s, as a child I worshipped on the Sabbath, we kept the commandments, we did not eat pork or shell fish and we kept the Passover. Our church did not call ourselves Israelites though. We called ourselves Christians. As I got older I started going to church on Sundays too with friends. Eventually, as a young adult, I strayed away from my spiritual upbringing. I began to eat pork, shellfish, and worship solely on Sundays. When I was 29, I married a minister. We worshipped on Sundays in the church of his youth. For 15 years we continued in this state. He became Associate Minister of that church and then, eventually, Pastor. I became First Lady. For two years I slumbered in that title. But, the Most High Yah awakened me from deep slumber. As I began to learn that I’m Israelite, I began to recall all the things I learned as a child. It was like pieces of a huge puzzle were being put into place. I was rejoicing and telling my husband. I was showing him what I was reading and watching and he did not see what I saw. He admitted to me that he believed that we are ‘probably’ Israel but that he didn’t think it meant we needed to change anything with the church. I prayed. I fasted. I wept. I yielded my life completely before Yahuah and Yahuah answered. He moved me from the church and separated me from my husband. Yahuah separated us for what I thought would only be a season but my husband is now seeking to divorce. I walk in solid faith in Yahuah through Yahusha Hamashiach, who covers me. I am learning through your ministry not to be double-minded, how to submit in prayer and supplication and learning to eat the meat of the Word of Yah, keeping the commandments again and honoring Yahuah with what foods I allow in my body. My testimony in itself is strong meat. It is not for everyone to hear and understand. I thank Yahuah for your ministry. It has been a blessing to me on my faith walk. I will endeavor to tell our people the Truth through every day encounters and also through my poetry, Yah willing. Thank you for doing what you do to the glory of Yahuah. It encourages me to keep going. Praise Yahuah. All glory belongs to Him.

Humbly submitted,