Sister Gale

First, we would like to say that this is truly a touching story, and so sad to here of your lost. We pray that Yah will truly keep you and those that still fellowship with you. May Yah be your head and the head of your assembly. Be blessed! Here’s the testimony below:

Barak and Shalom Family,

On September 9,2020, I lost my husband who was the spiritual leader of our assembly. Since his passing, our assembly has been without a physical Shepard to lead us. Some members have gone in a different direction, but there are still a few that still remain, primarily women.

They didn’t want to stop coming to fellowship but I knew being a female that I couldn’t be their head. I began seeking Yah for direction about if and how I should go about keeping the assembly together. After much prayer the Ruach directed us to continue to come together on Shabbat and to have prayer, scripture reading, and worship in song and to watch one of your teachings.

I’ve been following your teachings for approximately 4 years and my ruach bares witness that you are a true man and woman of Yah. We will continue to be lead by Watchman Yahu as the Ruach leads. I am truly grateful for you both brother and sister Yah for being that clean and willing vessel unto Yah for His Honor and Glory.

Love, Sister Gale