Michael BenaYah

Shalom family my name is Michael Benayah. I’ve always had a relationship with Yah, even when I called him god. I have always believed in his son, even when I called him jesus. In Christianity I could live the way I wanted with no consequences, until one day I said to myself it has to be more to this faith than this. So I stop going to church I felt like my spirit wasn’t being fed spiritually this went on for months until I said to the father I want to know how to worship you in truth, after this I had a heart attack at the time I smoked cigarettes and was eating unhealthy (pork)etc. When I was having the heart attack I prayed in jesus name by the time I got to the hospital it was about 20 min and then the stents was put in so you see all that time i was having that heart attack, and there wasn’t any damage to my heart (HalleluYah) so then one day I was on YouTube and saw watchman reports on the whited out part 1, and I’ve been hooked since.my spirit agreed with what watchman was saying it caused me to rethink everything I thought I knew. Yah started feeding me all kinds of knowledge. Giving me the set apart Ruach of discernment. So the question was how has the channel blessed me? It has blessed me by teaching we must keep the laws statutes and Commandments. How Yah deals with the humble, and to PAY ATTENTION!( Lol ) and the way to worship Yah. I could go on and on I have so many testimonies I would like to share hopefully one day Yah willing we can meet and fellowship. Love you family Shabbat Shalom.