Claydon Ollis

Shalom family,

I just wanted to share a small testimony on how your ministry has blessed me and my family and continues to do so.

To sum it up in short, I was born, bred and raised in Deeeetroit!!!!EmojiEmoji into the Baptist denomination, raised Adventist, went back to being a Baptist to become a drummer (because at that time, the Adventist would not allow drums in their church) at least not in The D. Went back to the Adventist church I grew up in because, well, let’s face it, the seventh day is the Sabbath so I had to at least get back to the correct day of worship. Then later on became H.O.G. (House Of God) where I learned of the feasts. After coming through all types of ordeals, (while being in the “church” mind you), I was eventually led to the video Watchman did on ‘The Name’ which started me on my awakening journey that I’m still on and enjoying every minute of it, whether up or down. There have been several occasions where confirmations have been made in some of your lessons from meditations I have had within the same week or from meditations I had years before.

I’ve even changed my diet by coming across ‘The Minister Of Wellness’ video when he was being presented on your channel which again led me to see and hear from sis. Deborah how we should be growing our own food of which I’m now doing. Praise be YAH!!!

Ever since then, I’ve been watching your ministry channel and continue to be blessed by what The Most High YAH has been giving you to present to the Nation. I always have you in my prayers that Abba YAH will continue to give you enduring strength and that you never get weary in well doing. Shalom

Bro. Claydon