One Handcrafted YAH Necklace with Double Sided Artistic Green Colored Medallion


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Style Double sided YAH Necklace!

This Necklace is hand carved with Paleo Hebrew writing of the name of the Most High referred to as the Tetragrammaton which is the YHVH or YHWH on one side and the “YAH” on the other. Necklace medallion is made of wood with a Green Color design, and with beautiful Green glass beads, black onyx stones, Coffee colored molten glass beads, and gold beads.

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Care Instructions

The Handcrafted Necklaces are created with natural materials that should last for many years (Wood, Glass, Lava Rocks, Stones, Molten Glass, Gemstones and Rubber/Plastic String).

To ensure that it does please follow these care instructions:


  1. Do not let sit in direct sunlight, this will eventually cause the colors to fade
  2. Do not wear when doing hard manual labor (the risk of damaging necklace may occur)
  3. Keep away from very small children (They may choke on small beads and they may also damage the necklaces)
  4. Keep away from water. The necklace is waterproof, but water can eventually cause it to look worn, and it may cause the color to fade.It may also cause the finish to eventually peel.
  5. Do not hang up. This is very important because most metal necklaces are kept this way. The elastic string will stretch and expand over time causing the beads to be loose on the string. This doesn’t happen when you wear it because your neck and shoulders help to support the necklace. It’s better to lay on a dresser or in a jewelry box.
  6. If your necklace ever come apart please collect all the beads, and the Medallion to put in a zip lock bag. Go to our online store to our repair & revamp service page. We will be glade to service you.