Modern Name Jesus Not Found in 1611 KJV

Published by on October 31, 2017

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Modern Name ‘Jesus’ Not Found in 1611 KJV

The modern name ‘Jesus’ (Jee’-zus) is not used in the original 1611 King James Version of the Bible. Nor is the modern name ‘Jehovah’ (Juh-ho’-vah) found in the original 1611 KJV.

Instead, the name of the Saviour is written as ‘Iesus’ (Yay-shu), having a closer phonetic sound to the Hebrew name of ‘Yehoshua,’ and is pronounced by some as (Yeh-shu’-ah, Yah-shu’-ah or Yahu-shu’-ah), with many minor variations in vowel-sounds.

The modern name ‘Jehovah’ appears 4 times in the modern KJV versions. In the 1611 KJV, however, this name is absent. Instead it appears as ‘IEHOVAH’ (Yay-ho’-vah), and is pronounced by many today with variations both in the vowel-sounds, and in the use of the ancient consonant ‘waw’ in place of the more modern ‘vav.’

The proper name of the Creator appears more than 6,800 times in both early and later versions of the KJV. Curiously, this name is hidden in most places by use of the word ‘LORD’ in all-capital letters to denote the proper name.

The Creator’s name appears in the modern KJV as ‘JEHOVAH’ in four places (Ex 6:3, Ps 83:18, Isa 12:2, Isa 26:4), having escaped the translator’s attempts to cloak the name with the word ‘LORD.’ in the 1611 KJV, the name ‘IEHOVAH’ appears 3 times, and ‘IEHOUAH’ once, revealing a variation in the ‘waw’ and ‘vav’ sound, coming close to the Hebrew pronunciation (Yah-Hu’-Wah).

Who Changed the Name?

Many have seen that the modern name ‘Jesus’ is not the same as the name ‘Iesus’ found in the 1611 KJV. So who changed the name? The use of the letter ‘J’ and its corresponding phonetic sound is a modern invention of man. So who changed the Name that is above every name? Should we not know and use His given Name, if we desire to know Him?

Perhaps the Names in Scripture have changed, not because of anyone’s conscious efforts, but because of evolution of the English language in its linguistic and spelling variations. There may be many opinions. One must wonder, however, that the adversary’s name has not changed over time, but the Saviour’s Covenant identity remains mostly unknown today, and the Creator’s revealed Name is hidden to all but those who seek.

I’m sure He will acknowledge any name we use, in our ignorance. But perhaps those who desire to know Him want to know His true, Biblical name. Not knowing where this name change came from, it may be good to go back to the Bible, and use the Hebrew Name given to our Saviour by His Hebrew mother, which name was prophesied throughout the Hebrew Scriptures!


Many today see the modern name ‘Jesus’ in the modern Bibles, and do not realise this name does not appear in the KJV 1611 Bible. Many are wanting to find the Truth of His Name!

Many are doing as the Bereans did. They are going back to the Hebrew Scriptures — the Torah (that was their Bible), to find the foundational Truths of the New Covenant — and are discovering the Biblical Hebrew names of our Saviour and of the Creator!

For a brief look at how one may go about discovering the true names hidden in Scripture, see What Is His Name, and What Is His Son’s Name — If You can Tell?.