The cashless society is already underway
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The cashless society is already underway

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The cashless society is underway and coming soon but gradually. Many who aren't aware of the schemes of the powers that be, will look at the elimination of cash as a natural transition into the age technology. But many don't understand that it will be gently imposed  on us and most won't bat an eye. The only way for this goal to be met is to make the carrying, or paying with physical cash increasingly inconvenient.

India eliminated 80% of its physical cash very late last year. 500 and 1000 denomination rupee notes had to be deposited into a bank account within 10 days because they would be voided. It came upon the country very suddenly and with almost no forewarning. Many people were angry with the decision. Withdrawal limits have also been set and many are still in place. They were sending ATM buses around the country to allow people to create accounts and deposit their money.. Banks made over 80 billion dollars in this power move since many poor Indians keep a lot of cash stored up in their homes or hidden. Shortly after this, the government in India has made buying gold (Giving, keeping, wearing gold is heavily ingrained in Indian culture) more inconvenient as well. From what I see anything that is seen as undisclosed wealth that can't be collected on is being attacked. The excuse for these drastic measures are the usual: "We're fighting drug trade, terrorism, black markets etc.". These claims are very vague and not convincing to me at least.

Forbes Magazine and other sources are stated that they want all our money in their financial system before the banks fail or fall into negative interest rates. The entire world is very much in debt and the large banks are forced to lower interest on debt to keep the economy afloat.  A negative interest rate means depositors would have to pay to keep their money in the bank! But before that they want to make cash as inconvenient as possible. Forbes also state that e-commerce(credit cards, debit cards, bank wire) makes it easier for governments to see what we are doing. In my opinion this is info that can be given to big companies that will let them advertise products to us easier. Info that can be used against us in a court of law. Info that can be used by a failing government to put the smack down on anything seen as resistance. The best way to store wealth and curb this is by buying real estate, land, precious metals, or anything else of value.

Remember in times where political processes begin to fail and our rulers get desperate to hold onto power, anyone that is living a lifestyle contrary to what their system needs to survive will be vilified more and more. Preppers, people living off grid, growing food, having physical assets, renewable energy and any belief that promotes divorcing yourself from the state will be attacked from different angles. Be ready and always have an alibi.


Why Big Government Is Waging War Against Cash

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    I did not know this until i read this post
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    Very powerful love it, thank you.
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    I will be posting a video teaching on pagan holidays this week.
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