Whited Out, Erased from History - The Documentary

Whited Out, Erased from History - The Documentary

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This documentary “Whited Out” brings to light the hidden truth of what happened to the indigenous people all over the Earth and how they have been lightened through a process of whitening the gene pool.

Whited Out explores the white lies in history as White Europeans attempt to change the face of the past by erasing and changing names of places and people. The White lies that completely change the perceptions of the entire world and from the beginning of man. From Adam to Jesus, who's real name was Yahushua, and even to the real Israelites of the Scriptures and how their identity was stolen by the Khazars, Jewish converts.

Join Watchman Yahu and DeborahYah as they journey through history and uncover the white lies of European historians. Watchman Yahu explains how the wicked intentionally spread their seed through colonization and rape of indigenous women around the world(Matthew 13:25-43 Read the story of the wheat & tares). DeborahYah talks about how it is genetically impossible to populate the dark races from a white man and a white woman which further exposes the white lie that the first humans were white.

Whited Out also goes on to expose the truth about the so-called Jews who are really Khazars that converted to Judaism a few centuries ago, and how they have the entire world fooled into believing that they are the true people of the Bible. It also answers questions like, “Where are the lost tribes of Israel today?” Some claim that they are of all nationalities and races, like the Chinese and Mexicans, and other races like the native Americans. If you want to truly know where they are then you must watch this documentary “Whited Out!”

The DVD to this documentary is Free!
If you would like a copy we only ask for a small donation of $7.00 to cover the cost of shipping and handling. If you would like multiple copies please multiple $7.00 to the quantity you desire ($7 x 2=$14 etc.)


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  •  adelle09: 
    Excellent informative and truthfull documentary, ive watched it twice already gives much insight and is backed up with scripture, definate must see, Thanks for putting this up. May the Most High continue to bless you in his Truth.
     202 days ago·2 replies2 replies 
    7 points