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Hello ??? Is this thing working right?  Not really getting a whole lot of help from my brothers and sister's.  Maybe this blog thing is out dated or something? I don't know . Anyways just really looking forward to learning from my people of the  tribe Juda
yallitsme · 4 days ago

Me and my wife  are new at this and was thinking to ourselves if this is real  ?We don't really talk to a lot of people but now we have been trying to learn from our pastor and it's like now ( ?really.) .Hoping to link up with with our brothers and sister'
yallitsme · 4 days ago

Before my eyes were opened to my heritage, on a Saturday about 3 months ago, I was on my way out the door to go to the store when I encountered a gentle calling from the Most HIgh.  I knew it was He, the Great I AM and continued to the store but kept think
Song777 · 12 days ago

Hello everyone, I know you are all as concerned as I am about the missing Black and Brown girls in the DC area. I just heard about a black woman who created a site for missing Black people. So we can help each other find each other, if something happens to
vm0731 · 28 days ago

SC author turns a subject people think they know upside down. Share in the awakening of Yah's people
rayd260 · 37 days ago

Good Evening! The cashless society is underway and coming soon but gradually. Many who aren't aware of the schemes of the powers that be, will look at the elimination of cash as a natural transition into the age technology. But many don't understand that i
Jorgeldaz · 76 days ago

Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes July 30, 2010 The grocery store, along with your kitchen sink, are two of the most dangerous places in the world. In a special video, Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists hav
admin · 2210 days ago

The Secret to HalleluYah Praise!    Word the Halleluyah in most Christian Churches is considered the highest praise that you can give the Most High. In the New Testament it is recorded 4 times in the book of Revelation as Alleluia Rev
admin · 2215 days ago

The first time actually had to deal with Witchcraft from the pulpit was when I went to visit a small church of about 300 members. The first thing I noticed was how out of order the members were and I had already said in my mind
admin · 2223 days ago

When I first saw this video I was shocked. I can't believe I haven't heard anything about until now. Our Government has done a lot of evil to people and this one is about the worst. You absolutely must see this video. please leave a comment, thanks.
admin · 2278 days ago
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My name is Jess. My wife and I are new at this , and we were just thinking to ourselves if this is real?
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